As part of our service, we provide specialist support and assistance to people who are experiencing domestic abuse and/ or sexual abuse or who have experienced it in the past.

For people experiencing domestic abuse, our Independent Domestic Violence Advisors can assist you if you are in crisis and at high risk of harm. These advisors will assess your risk and help you to decide what action you want to take. They can help with:

• Non-judgmental support, whether or not you want to leave the relationship

• Advice on putting a plan in place to help keep you safe and where needed, help you access safe accommodation

• Criminal justice and civil legal processes • Housing-related advice

• Act as your voice with agencies, on your behalf

• Help you to access other agencies for support

Our Independent Victim Advocates can also support people experiencing domestic abuse and who want emotional or practical help.

For people who have experienced sexual abuse, rape or a sexual assault, our Independent Sexual Violence Advisors can assist and support you in the weeks and months after an assault. If you choose, they will help you throughout the court process from start to finish. They will support you, find out information for you, ask questions about progress of any legal actions and they can be there for you in court. They can also help with:

• Confidential and impartial advice that is not linked to the police • Emotional support and guidance

• Help with accessing health services, including sexual health care • Advice on housing issues

• Support in reporting your assault to the police if you wish to

• Helping you understand the court process and the criminal justice system, if you have chosen to report to the police

• Attendance with you at any police interviews or court proceedings

• Liaison between you, the police, the Crown Prosecution Service and barristers acting on your behalf

• Information about Criminal Injuries Compensation

All our services are free and confidential. They are available to men and women and our Sexual Violence Advisors will support children and young people from 5 upwards.









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