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Going to Court

If you would like information on what to expect if you need to go to court, either as a victim or a witness, then this is a useful website that will provide helpful information.

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The Witness Charter

The Witness Charter sets out the standards of care you can expect if you are a witness to a crime or incident in England and Wales.  This Charter covers both prosecution and defence witnesses and sets out what help and support you can expect at every stage of the process from each of the service providers involved in the criminal justice system.

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Victim Personal Statement-(VPS)

A VPS is a statement that you can give to the police (or any agency or organisation assigned by the police to take the VPS on their behalf) if you have been a victim of crime. It is your way of telling the criminal justice system about the crime you have suffered and the impact it has had on you, whether physically, emotionally, psychologically, financially or in any other way. Your VPS is important and gives you a voice in the criminal justice process by helping others to understand how the crime has affected you.

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Easy Read Witness Charter

This Easy Read booklet  shows the support you can get and how you should be treated when telling the police about a crime right up to when it is heard in court and afterwards.

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Easy Read Code for Crown Prosecutors

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